Wait-list policy

Once the larp is full we will open a waiting list that you can join if you would still like to be offered a place if one becomes available.

There are two types of spot you can sign up for:


By filling out the form you will enter the wait-list, being on the wait-list means waiting for an ordinary paid spot. Wait-list places will be offered based on casting choices and/or in order of sign-up. 

Once you have been offered a spot on the list, you will have a week to confirm you want the spot or we will look for another replacement.


By checking boxes under the Last minute player question in the questionnaire you can also opt to be on the reserve-list. Being on the reserve-list means you may be invited to attend at the very last minute at no fee.

From the start of September, a month before the larp, we will begin to offer last minute reserve places to fill the open spots. Just like waitlist places, these will be offered based on casting and/or in order of sign-up.