When can you sign-up?

The sign-up to gothic was open from the 14th of February to the 3rd of March. A waiting list is currently open.

What will gothic cost?

€570 (full experience)
€285 (Poets only)

When will gothic run?

Four consecutive runs from 3rd to the 8th of October.
Run 1: Arrive evening of the 3rd, leave morning of the 6th.
Run 2: Arrive evening of the 4th, leave morning of the 7th.
Run 3: Arrive evening of the 5th, leave morning the 8th.
Run 4 (Poets only): Arrive on the 6th, leave morning the 8th.

Where is gothic?

At Gerdrup, near Slagelse in Denmark, one hour and 20 minutes from Copenhagen.

How many tickets are there?

There are 20 spots for this larp. It is not first come, first served so take your time with the sign up form. We will start casting after signups close.

What should you do before sign-up?

Please make sure you have read The ExperienceIs this larp for me? and Key Information before you fill out the form.

Talk to your friends, figure out who you want to play with. You can sign-up alone, in groups of two, three or five. You can indicate if you only want to play if your group gets a spot, or if you also are up for playing on your own.