Key Information

On this page we summarise the key information about the larp. If you want to, you can find more detail about the location, schedule, sign-up, and costume, as well as our various policies and statements under Further Reading and Policies.

Where does the larp take place?

The larp will take place at Gerdrup Gods, near Slagelse in Denmark. Here is a map showing the location. We suggest the website Rome2Rio for advice on travel.

When do you have to be on-site?

We need you to be on site between 18:00-19:00 local time on the evening your run begins. Runs start on either September 30th, or 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th of October.

How long is the larp?

You will play about ten hours as a poet, and ten hours as a servant. There are also around ten hours of workshops and a debrief.

How much will it cost?

Subject to conformation in 2024: It will cost €600 for a full run and €300 for the poet only run.

When will you need to pay?

We ask that you pay a non-refundable deposit of €100 within seven days of being offered a place, and the balance on, or before 1st July 2024.

When will sign-up be?

The sign-up will open at 20:00 CET on February 14th (St. Valentine’s day. ) It will close at 20:00 CET on March 3rd. Depending on interest, it will take us one to two weeks to complete the casting.

What costume will you need?

For the first day’s play you will need a costume suited for radical poets of 1816. On the second day you will play as a servant; we suggest some ways that you can modify the costime from the first day to play on the second.  Please read the costume guide for further information.