Photo Policy

There will be some photography during the course of Gothic.  This will be restricted to a session of ‘portrait painting’ during the first Canto. The photographers will be there ‘in character’ as a painter or artist. If you do not wish to be photographed, please opt out of this session.

After the larp is completed, the images will be made available to participants only.  You will have a week to request that any photograph with you in it is deleted, or cropped/edited to remove you. We ask that you do not share any photos until this week is up, and everyone has had a chance to review and confirm they consent for their images to be used.

If you don’t ask for a take-down, we will assume you are okay with us using any media for marketing or publishing purposes.  Some media may be used in an academic context.  You have the right to withdraw assent at any time; this means that even though you were okay with a photograph immediately after the event, if you change your mind about it in the future you can ask to have it deleted.  We will remove it from our own servers and archives, and will not use it in any further marketing or publishing.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.