Invention, it must be humbly admitted, does not consist in creating out of the void but out of chaos.

Mary Shelley

Gothic is produced by the Avalon Larp Studio collective.


Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin, George Gordon Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Clara Mary Jane Clairmont, and John William Polidori.

(With additional written material, contribution, and design by Aina S. Lakou, Anna Katrine Bønnelycke, Charlie Ashby, Halfdan Keller Justesen, Laurie Penny, Maria Østerby Elleby, Martine Svanevik, Sagalinn Tangen, and Simon Brind.)


Many processes, techniques, and methods have already been designed and tested by others in the larp world. From this wealth of expertise — both professional and community — we would like to acknowledge:

The concept of replaying the same larp a second time, and building on your experience of the first run, is something we first experienced at House of Craving and is re-purposed with permission. House of Craving was designed by Danny Meyer Wilson, Tor Kjetil Edland, and Bjarke Pedersen.

​The structure and content of this website is inspired by the work of Participation Design Agency.

“Is that all you’ve got” and “Lay off” words first used in the Italian larp, Black Friday (words by John Shockley,) but based on escalation and de-escalation mechanics used in many larps.

The Lookdown mechanic was designed by Trine Lise Lindahl and Johanna Koljonen.

The Two Minute Game is based on the Three Minute Game by Harry Faddis whose work we became aware of thanks to talks and research by Hanne Grasmo.

The monster inspired by Gil-Martin came about thanks to Beth Morrison.

We gratefully acknowledge funding from Kulturdirektoratet for our first playtest.

Thank You

Larps are team efforts. Many people do work behind the scenes, give freely of their time and/or expertise, and support the creation of larps. Here are the names of people who have done this for Gothic.

Website feedback and proofreading:

Alexis Moisand, Alma Elofsson Edgar, Esperanza Montero, Eva Wei, Andreas Markehed, and Siri Sandquist.

Character Feedback:

Charlie Ashby,Aina S. Lakou, and Ingrid Storrø.

Location Scouts:

Julie Streit Pilegaard – Main location
Ragnhild Hutchinson, Tidvis – Playtest One
Laurie Penny – Playtest Two

Food Design:

Anna Katrine Bønnelycke & Maria Østerby Elleby


Lars Kristian Løveng Sunde, Jørn Norum Slemdal, Frida Sofie, Danny Meyer Wilson, Tor Kjetil Edland, Aina S. Lakou, Ingrid G. Storrø, Kerstin Örtberg, Halfdan Keller Justesen, Kol Ford, Emma Felber, Rebel Rehbinder, James De Worde, Dominika Kovacova, Jorg Rødsjø, Martine Svanevik, and Charlie Ashby.

Cast for Run 1

Christian Kierans, Lars Kristian Løveng Sunde, Mads Heimdal Thy, Susanne Leah Goldschmidt, and Tyra Grasmo.

Onsite Crew

Maria Kolseth Jensen, Sascha Stans, and Søren Werge Bønnelycke.

With special thanks to:

Neil Gaiman.

Other Larps

Few ideas are unique. Here we acknowledge works by other creators whose work covers the same background and characters, or whose choice of name is similar to our own. In all cases we have become aware of their work only after completing our own.