In addition to the safety and calibration techniques documented in the Playstyle section, we draw your attention to the following statements:

Self Care Comes First

Human beings are more important than larps. Poets can be broken, cold, hurting, or frightened, upset, distraught, but you should not be. Self care comes first. There is an off-game room if you need to take a break. There is water if you need to hydrate.

Safety Policy and Code of Conduct

It is important that all participants adhere to our code of conduct. If you break our code of conduct, we reserve the right to remove you from the larp, in accordance with our safety policy. You can read both here:

Emotional Wellbeing During the larp

Because of the small size of this larp, we will not be appointing a full-time emotional wellbeing person. However, at least one organiser will be available if you need someone to talk to, or advice on what to do with your character. We are not trained mental health professionals, we can offer a space to “decompress with a friend” if it is required. There will be a quiet off-game room with drinks and snacks adjacent to the main play area.