Is this larp for me?

Is this larp for me?

Gothic is a larp that will contain a number of adult themes that will be realistically simulated. Whilst participants will always be in control of their own bodies and will have methods to calibrate and control their own play, they may be invited to participate in or witness scenes played out by others. These may include, but not be limited to, sexual activity, violence against the body and the mind, sexualised violence, erotic violence, gentle intimacy, crossdressing, drug taking, raging lust, non consensual sexual activity, nudity, lack of autonomy, humiliation, gaslighting, madness, poetry, and revenge.

All genders and sexualities are welcome to sign up for and play at this larp. You are welcome to crossplay. Whilst Dr Polidori historically was a man, and only men were allowed to train as doctors, we have written this character as one that can be played as any gender.

There will be extensive mandatory workshopping and discussion within your small group of players on the above themes before the larp to ensure that activities are simulated safely and well calibrated. You always choose who to touch. You will always have control over who touches you. You can always leave any scene at any time.  There will be a space outside the play area where you can take a break from the fiction as needed.

Gothic is a larp that involves erotic content, you should be open to play on these themes with your co-players, both those you have signed up with, and perhaps people who are strangers.

Not every larp is for every person. The best way to figure out if this larp is for you, is to consider whether you would be comfortable playing on the themes above? Are you able to play on serious themes without resorting to comedy? If the answer is ‘no’ to either of these we’d urge you not to sign up.

Real alcohol will be served, but any participant deemed too intoxicated to participate safely and responsibly will be removed from play.