Who are we?

Avalon Larp Studio design and produce collaborative, innovative, and inclusive larp (live action role playing) events. Participants take on the persona of a character who will experience powerful emotions and stories. The worlds we build and the dynamics we create are carefully tailored for drama, but these larps are not scripted and the heart of the stories made lies with the participants. Avalon Larp Studio is a non-profit larp design collective, named after the larp that brought us together as designers, Avalon (2018). We create larps because it is our passion.

Meet the team

Look at us in moody black and white, we do not smile, this is not a game.

Sagalinn Tangen

Sagalinn is a second generation larp designer, who focuses on storytelling and world building. Before turning twenty she set up her first Nordic Larp Production on her own. She is interested in how larp can be used as a tool for self-discovery and exploration, and believes there is a story hidden in everything – from the way we move to a piece of music, to the frequency with which we blink. Sagalinn was project director for Tale of the North Wind (2019).

Martine Svanevik

Martine is a larper, fiction writer, and narrative designer. Her work has featured in both AAA games and indie productions. She is interested in how larp allows you to experience the stories of others and give you an opportunity to see the world from a different perspective. She has been playing and making larps since 1999. One of the founders of Avalon Larp Studio, Martine was project director for Avalon (2018) and Midwinter (2020).  

Halfdan Justesen

Halfdan is a creative producer, who has larped since he was handed his first boffer weapon at age six, a moment that led to a life-long passion for the art and hobby. He has a Masters of Engineering in Sustainable Design, and plays Dungeons and Dragons once an eon, when one of his groups manages to find a date. Halfdan was project director for The Last Song (2022).

Simon Brind

Simon is an academic and writer working in London. His PhD research was entitled “Combat Narratology: Strategies for the resolution of narrative crisis.” Primarily he is interested in the tension between the larp writer’s vision and what the players make of it. He has been a larper since 1985 and a larpwright since 1986. He is a founding member of Avalon Larp Studio. He was a co-designer of The Quota (2018).