No casting process is perfect. First-come-first served privileges those with time and a fast internet connection, and luck is an imperfect way of selecting players. Whilst curated casting leads inevitably to accusations of gatekeeping and favouritism.

Here is our proposed approach for Gothic:

We will ask you some questions about your reasons for playing the larp and what you hope to experience during the larp when you sign up. We will also ask you to prioritise the available roles, and for the names of people you do, and do not wish to play with. 

We will initially follow a casting process where we consider your answers to these questions without knowing the names of the potential players. Only one member of the casting team will have sight of the player names.

Assuming it is required, there will be a second round of casting. This will take into account players who have signed up in groups. The experience of players, preferred playstyles etc. We will look at names at this stage and take steps to ensure that you are not cast to play with folks you don’t want to play with.