Player Letter 3

Player Letter 3

“If I should meet theeAfter long years,How should I greet thee? –With silence and tears”― Lord Byron

Dearest poets,
In a little over two weeks we will gather at Gerdrup Gods to play Gothic! Our team looks forward to creating the stories with you. This is the third player letter and in it you will find our final planned updates before the larp.

Dietary requirements and preferences 

While you have already told us about your dietary requirements and preferences, we understand that they might have changed since you signed up in February.
If you have updates to your dietary requirements, please send them to us. Also,if you don’t remember what you told us in the registration form and want to double check, then please reply to this email or contact us via Facebook messenger on our page, so we can double check just to be sure. Let us know before September 17th if anything has changed.

Travel guide

The nearest airport to the location is Copenhagen Airport (CPH). The easiest way from there is by car, but alternatively you can travel by train. The Danish national rail service can be accessed here:
Apple App Store:
Android’s Google Play:

From the Copenhagen airport to Copenhagen CentralYou should take an IC (InterCity), ICL (InterCityLyn), or RE (Regional) train to København H.
It is possible you can get a ticket directly from Copenhagen airport to Slagelse St.

From Copenhagen Central to Slagelse St.You should take an IC (InterCity), ICL (InterCityLyn), or RE (Regional) train to Slagelse St.

From Slagelse St. to Gedrup GodsTake a taxi 21 min estimate cost: 340 DKK to 410 DKK, orBe picked up by us at 18:30. We will only drive if we know you are coming, please let us know if you need a ride before the 1st of October.

Dinner recommendations 

Coming from Copenhagen Slagelse is the nearest town to the location, it has several places you can review online. Tatami Sushi and Restaurant Jargon look like nice local places and Café Vivaldi is an established (non fast-food) brand across Denmark. 
Remember, you need to eat dinner before you arrive on site at 19:00

Covid Testing

As per our Covid Policy, we ask all participants to take a Covid test on the day of arrival to the event. If you are travelling from abroad prior to the day of arrival we recommend that you take a test before you set out.  If your test is positive, whether you are symptomatic or not, we ask that you do not attend the site.

Arrival Onsite

When you arrive on site, unless you are playing the first run, the larp will be in progress, because of that, could you call us when you arrive on <Number removed from website> and we will come and fetch you.   If you can’t get through, or if you arrive late for some reason, please come to the side entrance to the Villa.   This is on the left hand side of the house as you are looking at it.   Please do not walk into the front entrance.

Ghost Stories

Famously, Lord Byron issued a challenge to his guests at the villa to come up with a ghost story.   If you decide you want to spend some time thinking about this in advance of the larp you are more than welcome to do so.

Other updates

The newest version of the participant compendium can be found here: [link removed from website]. It has been updated with all information from this letter, so all information is gathered in a single place.
Important change notes

  • Updated the wording of larps beginning in the canto structure and schedule to clarify our intention “poet characters do not need to be fully in costume at the start” rather than “poet characters have to start the larp undressed”.
  • Added links to the servant characters, a section about the location, an FAQ, the travel guide and dinner recommendations.

If you have questions for us, the best way to reach us is via email, by posting in the facebook group, or directly via messenger on our Facebook page.  

We are excited about welcoming you very soon!

With fondest regards,

Avalon larp studio and the rest of the Gothic team