Player letter 2

Player letter 2

“What is there in our nature that is forever urging us on towards pain and misery?” ~ Mary Shelley, The Last Man

Greetings wonderful players!

As promised it is time for our second letter to you, we note that time draws near and soon we shall meet at “Villa Diodati”. This player letter contains links to your poet character sheets, and a participant compendium with updates to the larp schedule, a description of the rules and mechanics, and some (optional) preparatory thoughts.

If you have any questions about any of this, your character sheet, or if you need audio versions of any of this material, please get in touch with us and we will produce them for you.

Poet characters here: [Folder with poet characters removed from website].

Participant Compendium: PDF

At the beginning of September we will send those of you who are also playing servants their character sheets and any additional briefing materials.

We remain, your devoted servants,

Avalon larp studio.