Player letter 0

Player letter 0

It was on a dreary night of April that I beheld the accomplishment of my toils. . .

As some of you know we have just completed our first playtest, and we are planning a second one for the end of July, this pushes back our timeline for player letters a little, so here is our revised timeline:

  • Before May 1st – Player letter #1, Containing character description, invitations to the social media space and schedule for pre-larp activities (watch parties, live streams, AMAs) , and a questionnaire where you can tell us if there are any themes you don’t wish to play on
  • Before August 13th – Player Letter #2, Containing character sheets, updates, larp schedule and a description of the metatechniques.
  • Before September 13th – Player Letter #3 – Containing a form to confirm your food preferences Other updates. A travel Guide + a suggestion on where to eat dinner before arriving.

We are looking into what platform we want to use for an online community for this larp.  Facebook is ubiquitous, but the changes to groups means that you will not necessarily get notifications when new posts are made and we want to make sure there is a space for us all to share creative energy before the larp.

If you have questions for us, the best way to reach us is via email, or by messenger on our Facebook page Please ensure that you add to your safe senders list, so that our emails do not end up in your spam filter.  (

Gothic is a co-created experience; whilst we will provide food, accommodation, characters, design, and a professional service, we want you to feel and think like an active participant, rather than a customer, however we will still try to treat you like the rockstar poets you are.

With fondest regards,
Avalon larp studio